Tour our Hospital

  • Sandy Blvd. eastbound view of AEVC
  • Sandy Blvd. westbound view of AEVC
  • Entry Area
    Welcome to our Reception Area
  • Reception Area
    Paintings by Dr. Lisa's previous patients decorate our Reception area
  • Retail Area
    We carry select foods and toys
  • Community Room 1
    We offer free meeting space for interest groups
  • Community Room 2
    Meetings can include powerpoint or internet access
  • Exam Room Gold
    Our main exam room
  • Exam Room Salmon
    Our secondary exam room
  • Comfort Room
    Our third less formal feeling exam room
  • Treatment Room 3
    Our Treatment Area is a large sunlit space
  • Treatment Room 1
    Our Treatment Area has easy access to lab, ultrasound and x-ray equipment
  • Treatment Room 2
    Our Prep Area has a full kitchen for feeding our patients, as well as keeping our medical equipment clean
  • Radiography
    We use digital radiography to get the best x-ray images of our patients
  • Surgery
    Our Surgery Suite includes equipment for minimally invasive or standard surgery, along with full anesthetic support
Entry Area Reception Area Retail Area Community Room 1 Community Room 2 Exam Room Gold Exam Room Salmon Comfort Room Treatment Room 3 Treatment Room 1 Treatment Room 2 Radiography Surgery
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